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Boy George

Born George O'Dowd on June 14th. 1961 in Eltham, Kent, England, he began to frequent the 'New Romantic' club scene in London during the early 1980s. His (for the era) outrageous cross-dressing attire and make-up soon began to get him regular notices in popular magazines such as The Face and Blitz.

Boy George.spacerMalcolm McClaren (pop guru) was impressed and arranged for him to appear alongside Bow Wow Wow's Annabella Lu Win as Lieutenant Lush at London's Rainbow Theatre. Although short-lived, this partnership gave George the much needed publicity. Soon, with the help of dj Mikey Craig, the band 'In Praise Of Lemmings' was formed.

Boy George.spacerWith the addition of Adam And The Ants drummer, Jon Moss, and guitar / keyboards, Roy Hay, the band was re-named 'Culture Club'. After failing an audition with EMI Records, they eventually signed with Virgin in 1982. Their first UK No.1 hit, 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?' came later that year. And who could ever forget their massive UK No.1 hit in 1983, selling more than a million copies, 'Karma Chameleon'.

Boy George.spacerTo most people of the time, Culture Club was Boy George.

George courted publicity, almost playing with the media. Stories ran for days at a time in Boy George.spacerthe Press (and on Television and Radio) debating whether he was indeed a real boy or not. Many had suspected a 'butch' girl. Then came the questions about his sexual preferences. At first, with such an obviously over-the-top 'tongue in cheek' attitude, he would say very little that could confirm their suspicions; but soon he became quite open about his homosexuality. It mattered little to his many fans. He could do no wrong until, following a police enquiry at his home, the Press started to run stories linking him with drugs.

Boy George.spacerTragically, just one week after teasing journalists about his addiction (and calling himself 'your favourite junkie'), Michael Rudetski, a visiting keyboard player from New York, died of a heroin overdose at George's London home. George was later arrested on a charge of possession of cannabis.

Boy George.spacerFollowing successful treatment for his dependence on drugs, the band Culture Club was dissolved and, publicly denouncing drugs, George embarked on a solo career. His debut with the cover of 'Everything I Own' in 1987 gave him the first UK No.1 since 'Karma Chameleon'. He formed 'More Protein', his own record label in 1989 and fronted the band 'Jesus Loves You' .

Boy George.spacerGeorge vigorously opposed the government's anti-gay bill, Clause 28, and expressed his opinion to that effect at every opportunity with many of his songs openly decrying it, appearances on chat shows, guest radio spots, even being a panellist on 'Question Time'.

Boy George.spacerCulture Club was reformed in 1998 debuting with, 'I Just Wanna Be Loved' hitting No.4 in the UK Charts.

Starring at UK Gay Pride (now called Mardi Gras) year after year (and also in EuroPride) Boy George has earned his place in most gay people's hearts. A true gay icon, who with his WYSIWYG style is often referred to as a modern day Quentin Crisp. He is now also a much sought after and famed DJ in his own right.

Boy George.Taboo, Boy George's hit new musical at The Venue, London went from success to success. George, Boy George.spacerplayed Leigh Bowery (Stephen Ashfield plays Boy George) and extended his appearances until April 26th '03. 

Boy George An Awesome Talent.

Boy George.spacerQUOTE - Boy George (on sex): "I'd rather have a cup of tea."




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