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Cary Grant
1904 - 1986

Cary Grant.spacerBorn Archibald Leach on January 18th 1904 in Horfield, Bristol, he became a Junior Air Raid Warden during the First World War whilst in the Boy Scouts. Expelled from school in 1918, he joined the Pender Troupe touring Britain for two years until in 1920 he was selected, with a few others in the troupe, to perform in America.

Cary Grant.spacerWhen the troupe returned home two years later, having finished all their engagements, Archie stayed behind, surviving by doing 'walk-on' parts in various shows until in 1927 he got his first part on Broadway in Hammerstein's "Golden Dawn". After managing to secure a part in a short film, "Singapore Sue" being made by Paramount, he was given a contract by them. Cary Grant was born.

Cary Grant.spacerIn February 1934 Cary married Virginia Cherrill after a long hot/cold relationship, during which time he lived with Randolph Scott. The marriage was short-lived and they were divorced just thirteen months later. Cary moved back with Randolph.

Cary Grant.spacerDuring the Second World War Cary worked (secretly) for British Intelligence investigating the pro-nazi element of Hollywood including, it is believed, Barbara Hutton who he later married. He became an American Citizen in June 1942, marrying Barbara the following month. They divorced in 1945.

Cary Grant.spacerOn Xmas Day 1949, Cary married Betsy Drake. He was 45yrs and she 26yrs. They separated in 1958 and were divorced in 1962. It was during this marriage that Cary's use of LSD (for a psychological disorder) was revealed.

Marrying once more, in July 1965, this time to Dyan Cannon thirty-three years his junior, Cary became the oldest first-time father in Hollywood with the birth of Jennifer Grant. Alas, in March 1968 this marriage too ended in divorce.

Cary died, following a stroke, on November 29th 1986 in Davenport, Iowa.

Between 1931 and 1985, Cary Grant appeared in eighty-four films.

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