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Leonardo DiCaprio

Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio.spacerBorn Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio on November 11th. 1974 in Hollywood, he started auditioning for parts in 1988 having already been exposed to acting at the tender age of 2½ yrs. when he auditioned for "Romper Room".

After being successful with a few commercials, small roles followed. He appeared in "Mickey's Safety Club", "How To Deal With Parents Who Take Drugs", and several episodes of "Lassie" before securing the role of a teenage alcoholic in the television soap, "Santa Barbara". He also played a troubled homeless boy in the final (1991-92) series of "Growing Pains" and it was whilst doing this show that Leo's big break came with his 1991 film debut in "Critters 3". The following year came, "Poison Ivy", but it was in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" as an autistic youngster that he really became noticed. This performance gained him Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for Best Supporting Actor, and the Best Supporting Actor Award from the National Board of Review.

Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio.spacerIn 1993 Leonardo was memorable in, "This Boy's Life"; a touching story of a delinquent teenager abused by his alcoholic stepfather. "The Basketball Diaries" (1995) saw DiCaprio as a young high school drug addict, with the modernized and violent, "Romeo and Juliet" following in 1996. Yet another teenage delinquent role he performed that year was in, "Marvin's Room".

Although already much appreciated over these years by the gay community, it was only with the blockbuster "Titanic" that most people came to know DiCaprio. With its massive 'love story come disaster' promotion, a budget of nearly 200 million dollars, and littered with spectacular special effects, the film soon became a Mecca for millions of young girls, many seeing it time and time again.

Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio.spacerRumours about Leo's excessive lifestyle followed this notable success. "The Man In The Iron Mask" and, "Celebrity" were still well received before, "The Beach" in 2000 when stories of him having to rapidly lose weight for the part, apparently substantiated by 'secret' photographs (showing him with a very flabby torso) became common place. Miramax's biggest feature to date, "Gangs Of New York" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is due for release in December 2001.  "Alexander The Great", starting production soon (at this time),  will have Leonardo enacting gay scenes to provide reality.

Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio.spacerApart from film acting, Leo has a passion for the environment; for saving energy. He was invited to chair Earth Day 2000, and has interviewed President Clinton on the subject of the depletion of the ozone layer.  The website is devoted to world wide environment issues. THIS SITE IS A MUST!  - CLICK LINK AND VIEW!!!  A room full of computers and equipment have been donated by Leonardo to the Los Feliz Library which has been built on the site of his childhood home. There are commemorative placards which fans are welcome to view.

Visit: Official Leonardo DiCaprio Website.
Completely Unofficial Leonardo Dicaprio Website.

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Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio.Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio.Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio.
Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio.Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio.Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leo has been nominated for 3 Oscars, won18 other wards with a further 43 nominations.


1990 Parenthood (TV series) 
1991/92 Growing Pains (TV series)
1991 Critters 3
1992 Poison Ivy
1993 This Boy's Life
1993 What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
1994 The Foot Shooting Party
1995 Les Cent Et Une Nuits
1995 The Quick and the Dead
1995 The Basketball Diaries
1995 Total Eclipse
1996 Romeo + Juliet
1996 Marvin's Room

1997 Titanic
1998 The Man in the Iron Mask
1998 Don's Plum
1998 Celebrity
2000 The Beach
2001 Gangs of New York
2002 Catch Me If You Can
2004 The Aviator
2006 The Departed
2006 Blood Diamond
2008 Revolutionary Road (p/p)
2008 Body of Lies (filming)




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