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STEPS - A Legend.
1997 - 2001


The Famous Five:

Claire Richards. Date of Birth: 17/08/77. Nickname: Clara. Star Sign: Leo. Eye Colour: Green. Hair Colour: Blonde/brown. Hobbies: Reading, singing. Character: Friendly, loyal, kind-hearted, slightly bossy, outgoing. Favourite Person: Karen Carpenter. Favourite Food: Ice cream. Favourite Band: Backstreet Boys. Favourite Pop Star: Celine Dion. Favourite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio. Favourite Item of Clothing: Combats and trainers. Favourite Sport: Football.

Lee Lachford-Evans. Date of Birth: 28/01/75. Nickname: Evo/Lach/Sensible. Star Sign: Aquarius. Eye Colour: Hazel. Hair Colour: Brown. Hobbies: Videos, computer games, gym. Character: Sensible, positive, quiet and confident. Favourite Person: Robbie Williams. Favourite Food: Pizza. Favourite Band: Backstreet Boys. Favourite Pop Star: Robbie Williams or Louise. Favourite Actor: Mel Gibson. Favourite Item of Clothing: Jeans. Favourite Sport: Football and gym.

Lisa Scott-Lee. Date of Birth: 05/11/75. Nickname: Party Steps. Star Sign: Scorpio. Eye Colour: Green. Hair Colour: Dark brown/red. Hobbies: Colouring. Character: A Scorpio, a perfectionist, a good laugh, a big mouth. Favourite Person: My Grandad. Favourite Food: Crab Sticks. Favourite Band: Texas. Favourite Pop Star: Robbie Williams. Favourite Actor: Claire Danes. Favourite Item of Clothing: Platform trainers. Favourite Sport: Snooker.

Ian Watkins. Date of Birth: 08/05/76. Nickname: H. Star Sign: Taurus. Eye Colour: Blue. Hair Colour: Blonde. Hobbies: Eating and swimming. Character: Shy (not!), caring, happy and fun. Favourite Person: My best mate Billie. Favourite Food: Anything. Favourite Band: The Corrs. Favourite Pop Star: Janet Jackson. Favourite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio. Favourite Item of Clothing: Jeans. Favourite Sport: Swimming.

Faye Tozer. Date of Birth: 14/11/75. Nickname: Smiley, Curley. Star Sign: Scorpio. Eye Colour: Blue. Hair Colour: Blonde. Hobbies: Walking, eating, TV, parties, clubbing. Character: Smiley, determined, professional and excitable. Favourite Person: Madonna. Favourite Food: Pringles. Favourite Band: All Saints. Favourite Pop Star: Janet Jackson. Favourite Actor: Will Smith. Favourite Item of Clothing: Space trousers. Favourite Sport: Trampolining.

The Story:

STEPS were created following an advertisement appearing in The Stage entertainment magazine early in 1997 and the successful group members chosen from the thousands of wannabe stars who applied to be auditioned. 


Claire Richards came from north London, Faye Tozer from Northampton, Lee Latchford-Evans from Chester, Ian Watkins from Rhondda in south Wales, and Lisa Scott Lee from St Asaph in north Wales.

spacerIt was a whirlwind experience covering 5 years in which STEPS sold more than 12 million records, sold out 120 UK arenas, and were presented with a commemorative disc by Sir Tim Rice to celebrate their entry into the top 100 acts of all time.

Created by Pop Idols’ music guru Pete Waterman, the group had two number one singles during their five year career - Heartbeat/Tragedy which claimed the top spot in January 1999 and Stomp which went to number one in October 2000. At the time of them parting their run of 12 consecutive singles in the top five had only ever been beaten by The Beatles.

In a surprise statement on Boxing Day 2001, one that followed many recent denials they were about to split, Faye, Claire, Lisa, H and Lee said: "After five incredible years, we have decided it's time to move on to new challenges.

"We have always said that when the time came, we would leave as good friends and go out while we were on top, as although we are very sad, that's what we have done.

"We are looking forward to making our next plans but for now we just want to send our heartfelt thanks and love to all the people who have supported us - you truly are the best fans in the world."

Around the world the number of those fans, and all the heartbreak, was immeasurable. It's now more than five years since those five magic years, and still STEPS music is guaranteed to fill many a dance floor. All those dance steps and actions of theirs that we practised religiously then with our friends to show our prowess are still to be seen out there whenever we hear one of their songs. STEPS may be gone, but they will not be forgotten.


On 3rd January 2007, Ian Watkins came out as gay in an interview with The Sun newspaper. He also revealed at that time he had a ten-year relationship with the group's manager, Tim Byrne, but this had ended several months earlier. Although he had told his parents, Ian always hid the fact he was gay from his fans, although rumours abounded. The revelations were published the same day he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Ian said, "I come from a small valley in Wales and it just wasn’t the thing to do to be gay. It's a bit of a cliché — but I was the only gay in the village. I could never have done this years ago, never... But I'm comfortable with who I am now and I want everyone to know."


Visit: Generation STEPS for an in-depth study of this much missed group.


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One For Sorrow . . .



Some of STEPS best loved hits include:
5, 6, 7, 8
Last Thing On My Mind
One For Sorrow
Better Best Forgotten
Thank ABBA For The Music
Love's Got A Hold On My Heart
After The Love Has Gone
Say You'll Be Mine
Better The Devil You Know
Deeper Shade Of Blue
When I Said Goodbye
Summer of Love
It's The Way You Make Me Feel
Here and Now
You'll Be Sorry
Chain Reaction
Words Are Not Enough
I Know Him So Well






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