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Dale Winton


Dale WintonBorn Dale Winton on May 22nd 1955, he would have had the surname Winner but for his mother, who hating the name and (allegedly) the family, insisted that before she would marry the name must be changed by deed poll. Winner became Winton. He was called Dale by his mother after the famous TV and Film actor Dale Robertson who is probably best remembered in the UK for his starring role in the long running western TV series "Wells Fargo".

Dale started his showbiz career as a DJ on the London club circuit, moving on to United Biscuits Industrial Radio where he prepared the news bulletins, made commercials, and did some interviews, until he was finally given his own morning show. He then went on to do morning shows for Radio Trent, then Radio Danube and an entertainment show for Radio Chiltern. In 1986 he did "Pet Watch" with BBC Bristol (transmitted nationwide on BBC1). The following year, as a producer / presenter, he trained business men and women in radio and television techniques for the CTVC. Joining Beacon Radio (Wolverhampton) in 1988, the "Dale Winton Show" ran for three years. He was also regularly presenting "Network 7" for Channel Four, co-presenting "Home Today" with Andy Craig and Fern Britton on ITV, and soon presenting his own talk show on satellite's Lifestyle Channel as well.

Dale's good looks, natural campness, and charming personality was an immediate hit with the viewers, especially housewives and students, when "Supermarket Sweep" hit the UK screens in 1990. It saw him rise to new fame almost overnight as the show became cult viewing. Following his phenomenal supermarket quiz show success Dale turned up in pop videos, there was a cameo appearance in the film "Trainspotting", and on stage with the band St Etienne, complete with a supermarket trolley full of goodies to throw to the audience. Always a favourite with the large cross sectioned audience when presenting the National Lottery, he soon established himself as a first class show host whose talents were eagerly sought. A multitude of shows and appearances have followed for this now openly, but not blatantly, gay multi-talented entertainer who is a much loved master of his craft.

Dale Winton starred in "Kick It With Dale", part of BBC1's anti-smoking series which started in March 2000. (The website still appears to be active - click title or picture to link.) A forty a day man, he is reported to have failed giving up at his first attempts. He has also been the (emotional) subject for one of Michael Aspel's "This Is Your Life" programmes. Kick the Habit İB.B.C.

Performance includes:
Alter Ego (2001) (TV) Himself
Comic Relief: Say Pants to Poverty (2001) (TV) Himself (965-1 segment)
"Dale's All Stars" (2000) TV Series Himself
40th Anniversary Celebration of Coronation Street (2000)(V) Narrator
Winton's Wonderland (2000) (TV) Himself
BBC Hall of Fame: Barbara Windsor (2000) (TV) Himself
Supermarket Sweep"Top Ten" (2000) TV Series (voice) Narrator
"Other Half, The" (1997) TV Series Presenter
"Pets Win Prizes" (1996) TV Series Host
Trainspotting (1996) Game Show Host
"National Lottery, The" (1994) TV Series Presenter
"Supermarket Sweep" (1990) TV Series Himself → → →
"Lamarr's Attacks" (2000) playing Himself
"Frank Skinner Show, The" (1995) playing Herself
"Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" (1999) playing Himself in episode: "Do They Take Sugar?"
"End of the Year Show, The" (1995) playing Himself
"Drop the Dead Donkey" (1990) playing Himself in episode: "Henry's Diary"
"Upper Hand, The" (1990) playing "presenter" in episode: "Quantum Leap"
"Upper Hand, The" (1990) playing "TV announcer" in episode: "Hard Times"
"Mrs. Merton Show, The" (1994) playing Himself


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